Greetings & salutations, my friends!

This Saturday, April 27th, 6pm-11pm, PDT, on-site only: Karaoke, open mic, social games (including
poker). Website will be open soon to register, or you can do so through my new Meetup group:
This Sunday, April 28th, 4pm-8pm, PDT, on-site and over Zoom, Awakening Peace through Dance
& Music: Join us in our community gathering, for healing and peace with live music and dance, poetry,
whirling rituals and more. We welcome guest artists and musicians to join us in our quest for peace &
harmony through dance & music, and togetherness. To join and/or learn more details, please use this link:
All the best, my friends,
-Bill — Music w/o Borders!


Rent details here!