Yiddish Music: Then and Now: Klezmer, Yiddish Song, Khazones and More!
433 S. Henry Ave., San Jose, 95117-1628

Sunday, February 25, 2024
Potluck 4:00 PM
Concert 5:00 PM
Requested donation is $25 in-person,
$10 for Zoom


A concert of Yiddish music featuring old and new klezmer pieces, Yiddish cantorial improvisations, and much more! Featuring violinist Craig Judelman, Accordionist Ilya Shneyveys and other instruments and vocalist Sarah Myerson. 

These virtuosos all the way from Brooklyn to Berlin and beyond travel the world teaching, organizing, and performing with folks like Michael Alpert, Lorin Sklamberg, Frank London and more; They are thrilled to present a concert showcasing the various work they do: from tunes dug out of Latvian, Belorussian and Ukrainian archives to their own compositions. 

 Come see the enchanting menagerie of Yiddish music this Sunday at the Cope-a-cabana!


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